Hyundai i20 Engine

The Hyundai i20 engines are several very complete, we have a variety of 6 different engines. We have 3 petrol and 3 diesel, start by petrol and then discuss the other three diesel.

The petrol engine of the Hyundai i20 that we can find: 1.2 L 78 hp PBT Key AA Classic 5P, 1.4 GL 100 hp ESP AA PBT Comfort 5P, 1.6 GLS Style 126 HP 5P PBT. The classic finish is the simplest to be found in the Hyundai i20 but still comes well equipped, enough for a utility.

Comfort finish has more equipment and more than the previous 22cv, this is better in all aspects of this earlier and have more driving excitement with this we can enjoy the speed and driving comfort.

And we have the best finishes of the Style petrol as this clearly says the word "Style" this is the most stylish of the three has 126cv also has a utility that is perfect if you like speed.


Hyundai i20 Engine


The Hyundai i20 diesel engines are: 1.4 CRDI L PBT 75cv 5P Classic 78 hp, 1.4 CRDI PBT AA ESP GL Comfort 5P 75 hp, 1.4 CRDi GLS Style PBT 90 HP 6V 5P. The classic finish is as powerful as the classic gasoline has 78cv this has spread and we can enjoy it.

Comfort finish diesel has less hp but the word that comes to Comfort this is comfortable that does not require much horsepower 75cv available but are very good.

The finish is a style of diesel engine 90cv 1.4, which is a perfect power for this car that exceeded in many respects to the other two diesel and gives a wonderful sense of control of the car.

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