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Describing this car as the Hyundai i20 pictures, we see that is very nice with an attractive, funny and has headlights beautiful lines on the hood of the car.


This is a car easy to park and fits easily into the city. And everything that is not outside what is inside, we can see in the pictures from inside the car and spectacular sports seats with thin red lines highlight the inner beauty of this car, the seats are leather with armrest between the driver and front passenger.


The undulations of the dashboard we can see in these photos of the Hyundai i20 are simply breathtaking, as they have a very athletic, if you like a boring car equivocabais you completely, this car is ready to please everyone. A sport steering wheel with all accessories with a "v" metal starts on one side and down the center back across the wheel. The part of the air conditioning and radio is precious in the icing on the cake here is the inside.


The Hyundai brand has been exceeded on the inside of the car. We also have seats finished in black and the inside edge of the seat in red microfiber fabric.

Hyundai i20 Pictures Photos

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