To start talking about the Hyundai i20 prace, it has 6 different finishes and very complete. Starting with three petrol and three diesel.

AA Key PBT 1.2 L 78 hp gasoline 5P Classic this is the classic model of gasoline a model that has the equipment simple yet complete, this has front and rear airbags as ABS and emergency braking assistance , etc. This is found for 12,600 euros.

AA ESP GL 1.4 PBT 100 hp gasoline 5P Comfort Comfort finish is more powerful and various accessories such as radio mp3 and helps the park, this finish is the consumption of 5.4l/100km and 125g/km emissions. This finish can we find for the price of 14,360 euros.

PBT GLS 1.6 126 hp petrol Style 5P this is the finish and fitted with Hyundai i20 which has more hp, this is a much sportier car and is one that has best start of the three gasoline, it is true is that has the highest price but also because he deserves it. The price is 16,900 euros.

On diesel models we can find three as in the gas are not as powerful but still very good in terms of equipment, power consumption, power and price.

1.4 CRDI L PBT 75cv Classic 78 hp diesel 5P good classic model is that it has more hp than the Comfort and while we can find cheaper this is 14,430 euros.

1.4 CRDI PBT AA ESP GL 75 hp diesel Comfort 5P has a big motor and low power consumption, the consumption of the car is just 4.2l/100km and more fancy equipment as comfortable and pleasant at the time of driving. The price of this is of 15,360 euros.

1.4 CRDi GLS Style PBT 6V 5P 90 hp diesel the best finish of the diesel has 90 magnificent horses that give great acceleration to the car and not only that the car is cheap and small enough consumption is consumption of only 4.2l / 100km, the price is also small of only 17,400 euros.

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